CAU’s free services provide assistance and support to help you be able to focus on your plans and dreams for the future.

Whatever your situation, if you are pregnant and facing common financial barriers, at CAU we can help you get the assistance and support you need:

  • Help navigating rapidly changing healthcare and Medicaid systems to meet both your and your family’s needs
  • Assistance obtaining the resources you need to help you have a healthy pregnancy and family-whether it’s diapers, a car seat, a portable crib, etc.
  • Individualized assistance with referrals, scheduling appointments, and information on any needed service or benefit
  • Information supporting the care you receive from your medical provider, plus evidence-based information on current issues around pregnancy so you can better make your own informed decisions
  • Information on the signs and symptoms of labor, current recommendations to reduce the risk of preterm delivery, and when to call the doctor
  • Clear, updated information on medical care and family planning options following any pregnancy, with respect and support for your personal preferences

All services and support provided free to eligible clients


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Better Birth Outcomes (BBO)

Support for Healthier Pregnancies

For those facing certain medical conditions or stressors during pregnancy (in addition to common financial barriers), we also offer the Better Birth Outcomes (BBO) program, providing more individualized support to help you with personalized linkage to benefits, extra information as needed, and assistance to help you fill any gaps–so you can prepare for your next steps.

BBO works to provide you with as much assistance and support as you feel you want, until 6 weeks post-pregnancy, to help you make sure you and your loved ones come through it all as healthy as possible!

This wonderful program provides state-of-the-art information from the most reliable sources, month by month, on what you can do to avoid preterm labor and several other significant issues, complementing and supporting the care from your medical provider– plus assistance with key items to help you with your shopping list as you prepare for your post-pregnancy transition.

BBO services are provided by a Masters-level case manager with the ability to spend more time helping you when you want more.

Of course, you still make your own decisions—but it sure helps to have someone neutral and knowledgeable on your team in case you unexpectedly need it. These are just some of the ways that Better Birth Outcomes helps Chicago-area parents give the healthiest start possible to their babies.

CAU’s Better Birth Outcomes (BBO) program seeks to reduce adverse birth outcomes by providing individualized assistance and support to pregnant people experiencing high-risk medical conditions and other factors that may contribute to medical problems such as premature delivery or low birth weight. 

BBO provides important assistance and health education reflecting each participant/client’s needs, each month until 6 weeks after the end of the pregnancy.

Individualized follow-up is provided monthly via conversations and visits, in our offices, the home, the community, and by phone, with consideration for each participant’s schedule and personal needs. 

BBO provides evidence-based health education, including Becoming a Mom and other information from the March of Dimes,  arming participants with updated, reliable information and recommendations, and clarifying under discussed issues. Our personalized case management increases access to services, guiding participants to benefits and other assistance available to them, and promoting successful dialogue with their medical provider. 

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Just let us know your name, how we can reach you, and your basic need/situation/question, and we’ll respond to discuss how we can help you!

BBO is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS).                                                                                

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