CAU’s free services provide assistance and support to help you be able to focus on your plans and dreams for the future

Because it makes such a difference to have a neutral professional with expertise there to consult, because when you have a baby, sooner or later things…come up.

A Few Examples:

  • Unanticipated issues with discharge instructions
  • Unforeseen issues with billing and insurance
  • ‘Where did this crazy bill come from?’
  • ‘I left a message for my doctor over 24 hours ago about something that might be urgent, and they still haven’t called me back’
  • ‘I just heard that my friend’s friend got a car seat from their insurance; can I get one too?’
  • ‘Help! My pediatrician is suddenly moving away, and I’m not sure I like the remaining doctor’
  • ‘The specialist we’re supposed to have a consult with in 6 months doesn’t have an appointment for 9 months’
  • ‘It seems like maybe they sent us the wrong supplies…’
  • ‘What should I expect from Early Intervention (EI)?’
  • ‘I can’t message the new doctor they said my baby should follow up with because they’re not assigned to us in MyChart yet, and the message line that I can reach is not really very helpful’


All services and support provided free to eligible families.

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Support for Healthier Families

  • Staffed by Registered Nurses with impressive experience working in metropolitan Chicago’s top hospitals
  • Of course, you still make all your own decisions for your baby and family—but it sure helps to have someone neutral and so knowledgeable on your team in case you unexpectedly need it!
  • Individualized assistance with referrals, scheduling appointments, and information on any needed services or benefits
  • Assistance obtaining resources as needed
  • Assistance navigating the rapidly changing healthcare and insurance system to meet both your and your family’s needs
  • Information supporting the care you receive from your medical provider, plus evidence-based information on current issues so you can make your own informed decisions
  • Services provided free until your baby’s 2nd birthday, to assist with transition to preschool-age services—or just in case anything unforeseen suddenly pops up!

CAU HRIF Case Management

Our services provide important assistance and health education reflecting each participant family’s needs periodically until the 2nd birthday.

Individualized follow-up is provided via conversations and visits, in our offices, the home, the community, and by phone. In our contacts, we strive to accommodate each family’s personal needs.

Services offered include assistance with scheduling appointments, referrals, information on any needed benefit or service, navigating the rapidly changing healthcare and insurance system, and increasing access to services and support as desired.

HRIF provides evidence-based health education to provide participants with updated, reliable information and recommendations, to promote successful dialogue with their medical provider, and to help them be aware of under-discussed issues and the help available to them.

Illinois’s HRIF program seeks to improve outcomes for growing babies by providing individualized assistance and support to families, to improve everyone’s access to available services.

Call today to discuss how we can help you during your pregnancy! 

Just let us know your name, how we can reach you, and your basic need/situation/question, and we’ll respond to discuss how we can help you!

HRIF is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS).

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CAU interfaces with various state agencies and a wide variety of organizations and vendors to better serve our families and individuals.

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